Sunday, 2 December 2012

fresh start

I would call the first two weeks a half-arsed effort. I started off really well and was energised, super keen, etc. etc. Then the decline began and I began making excuses (and believing them). I have become a little disengaged. I haven't been blogging much, and it's been a while since I was on the 12wbt forums. I have not been recording what I eat nor have I been paying attention to portion control. I haven't exercised for a few days now.

Time to get back into the groove and settle into a routine. Did the routine ever really begin in the first place? I've just sat down to watch the videos beginning at week one. The motivation video really hit home... the idea of consistency could apply to many areas of my life. Time to settle into this routine and not over-think or over-analyse. I need to trust the program!

This week I will:
Drink 2L of water per day
Exercise one hour per day
Prepare meals from the meal plan in advance
Pack a lunch box complete with healthy snacks to get me through the day

Back to basics. This is not hard. It is not easy either, but is achievable.