Wednesday, 14 November 2012

catch up

I can't believe I last wrote a blog post five days ago. This week has flown by and I feel a little disorganised. The things on my to-do list from five days ago are still outstanding. Now I have an additional (and final) pre-season task of taking my measurements and uploading a "before" photo. So I have dedicated Saturday to getting pre-season stuff done.

The program details for week one have been released and I am really looking forward to getting started on Monday. I anticipate that week one will be a huge success - I will have finished uni exams and have a free week before I start full-time work on the 26th. Plenty of free time to prioritise my workouts and to cook healthy meals! And blog! And clean the house! No excuses.

I've checked out the meals for next week (yum) but haven't downloaded the exercise plans yet. I am too scared to look. I feel a little nervous because I can't remember the last time I worked out for longer than thirty minutes. That is not going to cut it anymore. And Super Saturday?!


  1. It's fantastic to be able to start the round after exams finish isn't it? We'll have so much more spare time! Don't worry too much about the exercise plans, I'm sure you'll be fine and you can always build it up. I know I started off doing lighter weights than those suggested at the start of my first round--- are you doing advanced lean & strong or lean & fit?

    1. I am doing adv lean & fit. Thanks for the advice on the weights. I have 3kg hand weights at home so if I struggle I will drop down.

  2. How'd you go yesterday finishing up the Pre-Season tasks Jessica? I took the before photo and put it up on the site, but am not brave enough to put it where anyone can actually see it.
    It all begins tomorrow! We can do this!

  3. Hi Vikki. All done except the before photo which I will take tomorrow morning. I will post a before photo on this blog but it will be a headless one because I am a scaredy cat. It feels great to be ready to start the program. I am pumped!!