Sunday, 4 November 2012

more running

I had been doing the same run for a little while now, always stopping to walk at the same spot. I have been in my comfort zone a little too long. This morning I challenged myself to run the entire distance without stopping for a rest. And I did it! I ran 4.5k without stopping in a time of 26:30 minutes. The last kilometre was awful and my legs felt like jelly. I need to remind myself that it is ok to feel out of breath and uncomfortable and sweaty.

My fiance, C, also joined me for the run. He ran the first 2k slowly with me, then sprinted ahead because he is a bit of an athlete and wanted to challenge himself too. Or maybe I just slowed down? Once he had finished, he ran back to meet me and ran the last 500 metres with me. That gave me a real lift. Mostly I prefer running by myself, as when I am out of breath I struggle to maintain a conversation. It was a nice change to have a running partner.

Another reason for this morning's run is that I wanted to be sure I was ready for the Bridge to 10k phone app training program. I think the requirement for this program is to be able to do 5k fairly comfortably. And while I did a little less than 5k, and it definitely wasn't easy, I think the program is just what I need to push myself.

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