Friday, 9 November 2012

exam meltdown

Three exams down and one to go.

This week started off reasonably well. Each day I either ate well or exercised (but not both on the same day). On the days that I exercised I would have a light breakfast then head out for a run. When I came home, I felt that I deserved something substantial to eat after my workout. So I had a big cooked breakfast. A couple of bad snack choices later and I was left feeling guilty about my calorie intake. Did you know that a Bakers Delight almond and custard scroll is 634 calories? Nope, neither did I until after I ate it and looked up the nutritional information.

As the week progressed I spent more time studying and less time looking after myself. I should have placed good nutrition and exercise at top priority but I did no exercise and ate poorly. I was especially worried about yesterday's exam; the subject has a high fail rate. Beforehand I felt like a lamb going off to slaughter. Luckily the exam wasn't as bad as I anticipated and I did a decent job of it.

I've spent this morning catching up on a few 12wbt pre-season task videos. I've got some work to do! Today will be a bit more balanced than previous days. I am planning to clean out my kitchen and do a grocery shop to stock up with healthy food. I will do some study for my final exam next Friday, but I will also make time to go for a jog.


  1. Great plan Jessica.
    I hope your exams went well.

  2. Thanks Jackie. Exams all going well so far! I always expect the worst, but so far so good.