Wednesday, 26 September 2012

30 by 30

It is so much fun to think of goals that I can achieve during the next six months. Usually when I think of goal-setting I consider way-off, lofty goals that require a massive time and/or monetary investment. Instead I have put pen to paper and created a list that is a mixture of goals that is fun, challenging and necessary. These goals are all achievable by April 2013. I have all the resources to make this happen. Now I just need to get out there and get it done.

Bake a birthday cake for someone I love
Learn to change a lightbulb
Establish a herb garden
Sew a "capsule wardrobe"
Make my own sushi
Paint all the trim in my home
Create a 2012 photo album
Reconnect with my aunt
Spend a whole day at the State Library reading room
Donate blood
Send Christmas cards in the first week of December
Bake a loaf of bread
Be a tourist in my own town for the day
Have a pedicure
See my doctor regarding feeling fatigued
Run a half marathon
Subscribe to a favourite magazine
Find the perfect red lipstick
Read a classic novel
Create a recipe book of my favourites
Try scuba diving again
Decide if I want to be a church-goer
Read an entire weekend newspaper
Spend a day in my pyjamas
Create a budget
Attend a music festival
Buy a basket for my bicycle
Organise my university notes
Knit a scarf


  1. I love goal setting and I think that is such an awesome collection of goals! I'm inspired and will have to come up with my own bucket list too I think. Love it! Is there a way you can mark them off on here too?

  2. Thanks! It's going to be good fun getting them done. Maybe I will make a special blog page so I can revisit the goals and tick them off. Maybe I can edit the page and add a date that I completed it? Thanks for commenting; seeing your comment pop up has inspired me to look at the goal list with fresh eyes (I wrote it a few weeks ago) and I am making plans on how I can get a few crossed off. All the best achieving your bucket list too!

  3. I just had the time to finish reading all your other blog posts and I can totally relate to so many of them! I'm doing the 12wbt (the same Airley that was posting on the Tough Mudder thread) but not to lose a whole lot of weight. More just to improve fitness, get some structure and ideas for healthy eating habits, and kind of treating it as a challenge for myself. Anyway, I love your blog :) I too tend to spend a whole lot of time and energy planning all these wonderful things that I'm going to do, often to the detriment of what I could and should be actually doing (just like how I should be studying for exam right now but instead reading blogs and scouring the 12wbt forums). Anyway after your super productive weekend, you've inspired me focus and finish off my last assignment for the semester tonight. Sorry for the essay, was just a bit excited :) I think we may even be studying a similar course! Are you going to sign up for the Stampede?

    1. I just checked out the Stampede website -that event looks fantastic but unfortunately I am working that day. I am keen to do Tough Mudder in 2013. I gave it a miss earlier this year because I didn't have the fitness.

      It's so great to find someone with similar goals. It seems we have heaps in common! I'll keep an eye out for you in the 12 wbt forums.