Monday, 24 September 2012

either way, you pay

I was speaking with C over the weekend; pondering if I could justify the cost of a gym membership, online fitness and nutrition plan, more hand weights from the sports store, etc. His advice made me think about how I prioritise my health and the excuses that I make.

"Either way you pay. You pay to maintain your fitness, or you pay when you suffer the effects of being unfit. But either way, you pay".

Right now I am considering whether or not to sign up for an online program, Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. Complete fitness plan (including plans for exercising at home or at a local park) and complete nutrition plan plus week shopping lists. The cost is $199 which at first sounded like a good deal but the more I think about it, the more expensive and unnecessary it seems. Perhaps I need to think a little less. 

The reason I am reluctant to sign up is that I am not sure how it will cater toward people who wish to maintain their weight, such as myself. I wish to lose five kilograms at the most, however the promotional website seems to focus on major weight loss. Yet I still feel I would need the support of the  plan and the online forums to maintain some really good habits. The next "round" begins in November so there is still plenty of time to make a decision. There are a few Australian bloggers who have documented their progress with 12WBT so hopefully I can find a blogger in a similar situation to myself and send an email with some questions.

I'd like to think that I could "piece together" my own fitness and nutrition plan. I have a heap of healthy cook books and the internet is littered with exercise plans. But life is so busy and I think right now I need to put all my efforts into the doing.

Proof-reading this post now I can't help but feel the excuses I am making are particularly poor excuses. I can't help but feel I need to sign up for the sake of my health. Either way, you pay.

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