Thursday, 27 September 2012

brown rice and vegetables

Today I put away my wristwatch and I can feel such a shift in my day and my priorities. Too often I look at my watch and scold myself for sleeping in (again) or taking too long sipping my cup of tea or not getting enough housework done. It is calming just to go about my day in a way that feels right. Eating when I am hungry. Standing outside for a few minutes to enjoy the warm breeze between hanging up clothes on the clothes line to dry. Enjoying company rather than focussing on what is on my to-do list. What a luxury. Perhaps it is obvious I am on a one week holiday from my usual life right now. Regardless, I am thinking of how I can incorporate these ideas into my day-to-day life.

I spent 30 minutes (28 minutes more than usual) preparing brown rice and vegetables for lunch. Corn kernels, grilled eggplant, spanish onion, cucumber, parsley and a yummy dressing. Too often it gets to 2pm in the afternoon and I am starving, so I reach for the easiest thing to eat or I go to a local take-away food shop.

Of course, this is easy to do while I don't have the everyday responsibilities and commitments. What I need is the magic recipe for making this (good nutrition, exercise, enjoying the day) happen in the busy-ness of life. How does everyone else do it? I have considered before that I am just plain lazy. Too much time daydreaming or fussing around rather than putting time into activities that are worthwhile for myself or those around me.

In light of the 30 by 30 challenge I posted yesterday, I want to get a start on one of the items: a recipe book of favourites. I need to streamline this process of good nutrition somehow.

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