Friday, 21 September 2012

life at present

Present day life is ok. Not particularly bad but not particularly good either. Mediocrity feels a little dull. I am ready to take control of my present and my future. But I can't get past the daydreaming phase to get on with the actual doing. This blog is to become the space where I can indulge myself with 10-15 minutes per day of planning, list making, reflection and gaining inspiration from other bloggers. The rest of the day I will dedicate to activity. Not merely sitting down and taking in the view while life passes me by.

I feel as though I have hit my rock-bottom. Granted, it could be a lot worse. None the less, it must be upwards and onwards from here.

So to daydream for just a moment, here is what my ideal day looks like:
I wake up early and feel refreshed and energised. Following an outdoor jog I sit down with my family to a healthy breakfast of bircher muesli and freshly squeezed juice. The house is tidy and everything I need for the day ahead is at hand. I go to work to do a job I love. Dinner is followed by time on various projects or connecting with my husband. I read a chapter of the book on my bedside table to wind down before bed. I sleep well.

Simple, but good.

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