Friday, 5 October 2012


My most recent post might have been overly optimistic... this is going to be so, so hard. Who am I kidding? Last night, mere hours after I had signed up for 12wbt I was feeling hungry on my way home from uni, so I bought a potato cake. A greasy, fatty potato cake. And this is not a rarity. Often at uni, or waiting around for my train, I buy things like this. Because I am hungry, and fried food is cheap, easy and comforting.

So, in light of this, I have decided to dedicate my 12wbt Week One warm-up challenge to preparing a nutritious lunchbox to take out for the day in order to avoid the pitfalls of the fast food shops. For Monday lunch I will prepare a delish sandwich on wholemeal bread, fruit pieces, healthy snacks (not quite sure what they will be yet...) and water. The challenge we have been set is to make one small change. I think that this might be one small change that delivers big results.

Week Two warm-up challenge is to halve my intake of fluids other than water. But truth be told, I don't drink much fluid other than water and cups of tea. I am considering swapping my tea for green tea, as I've heard that green tea has substantial health benefits, but I want to research this first. In the meantime, I've decided to double my intake of water. I estimate that I currently drink one litre of water per day. Having a water bottle will help so much with this challenge so I plan to buy a water bottle this weekend. And while I am at it, I had better buy a lunch box.

I am old enough (29) to be a little set in my ways and doubtful of my ability to change my habits. But also old enough to know that if I do commit to change that I will benefit in so many ways. So my emotions are a little mixed. I will throw myself into this challenge but I anticipate there will be set backs. So I am doubtful, yes, but also hopeful. I would love to go into this challenge, all guns blazing, but I must be honest with myself. Wish me luck.

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