Sunday, 21 October 2012

my week in calories

My average calories each day last week was around 1700. This makes sense, seeing as I've maintained my current weight for the last six months. I know what I should be eating but sometimes doing is harder than it should be.

The good
Coming home late and remembering I had a healthy meal in the freezer for dinner.
Lemon poppy seed muffins, a really nice and easy Weight Watchers recipe.
Just one alcoholic drink this week! I had a glass of red wine last night and really enjoyed it.
Just 1215 calories consumed on Wednesday, because I chose healthy food throughout the day that left me feeling satisfied.

The bad
An average of one piece of fruit per day on average, and only two serves of vegetables.
Maxing out my sugar and saturated fat allowance six days out of seven.
Forgetting my water bottle when heading out for the day.

The ugly
Four Magnum icecreams.
Monday's 2400 calorie effort.

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