Monday, 1 October 2012

inbox is (officially) sorted

My most recent post, a few days ago, I commited to only publishing a blog post when I had done something. Up until now I had endless plans and aspirations but very little action was being taken.

Today I cleared out my personal and student email accounts. This blog is so good for me. It keeps me 100% honest. Finally, I can see all of my emails at a glance on the one page. It seems my timing was spot on as logged onto one email account I hadn't been too for a while to find an email from a previous employer with an offer for more work!

Not only was I deleting emails and creating new folders, but also unsubscribing from mailouts that I now consider spam. I hope that managing my inbox becomes a habit. Bit by bit I am clearing away the clutter to make room for real change. Maybe then by blog posts will become slightly more interesting...

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