Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Last year I had a membership to the university gym, but let that lapse over the summer holidays. This year I made excuses that I was too busy with class and study and commuting, and that it wasn't worthwhile, so I didn't rejoin. Though it is the final four weeks of class for the year before exam period begins, I decided to return to the gym today as a casual visitor.

Gosh, it was hard work. I haven't sweated in such a long time. Though it was hard I feel good for having done my workout. Unfortunately since it has been such a long time since my last visit, the gym no longer has my exercise program. So, I tried my best to remember what to do, and what weights to use. For my cardio routine I used the exercise bike and cross-trainer. Strength exercises were done using various machines and small handweights. I also completed lunges and stretches. Total time spent working out: 50 minutes. I could have spent more time but I ran out of ideas on what I should do, and I didn't want to continue cardio exercises.

I have 3kg handweights at home that I think I will begin using more of. I will google, or look at Pinterest, for ideas on what exercises to do with handweights to ensure I tone my whole body and not just select muscles. And I will continue going back to the gym once or twice a week when I have a two hour (or more) break between classes.

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