Monday, 8 October 2012


I used to be a runner. I ran 10km fun runs regularly and once I even ran a 15km fun run. All without stopping for a walk or a breather. Then I registered for the 2011 Melbourne half-marathon. But I didn't work hard enough in the lead up to the event. Two weeks before the event I knew that I was not fit enough and was at risk of an injury... so I pulled out. And I have hardly been running since.

Since registering for the 12WBT program I had a sinking feeling that the program would include running. This was confirmed with an email yesterday morning challenging me to move 30km this week. I simply don't have the time to be walking for 30km this week... I need to run (and cycle) at least some of this distance.

Last night I went for a 5.6km run down my street and back. I had anticipated that I would have to stop for breaks constantly and be panting and wheezing. But it wasn't that bad. I ran further than I thought I would. Yes, I still stopped for a few breaks, and I did walk part of the distance. But I felt really good for having challenged myself and for not making excuses.

That this challenge has been assigned to us during week three of pre-season makes me worried for what is to come. The program has not even begun yet. This is going to be the hardest I have ever worked.

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