Sunday, 7 October 2012

upping the ante

This morning I received an email with the Week Three 12WBT challenge: move 30 kilometres this week. My first thought was that this is a typo. How on earth am I going to accomplish this? Here is my plan:

Monday  4km jog
Tuesday  4km jog
Wednesday  8km at the gym (bike; cross trainer)
Thursday  rest
Friday      2km swim; 2km jog
Saturday  5km walk
Sunday    5km walk

I have also had time to reflect on Week One and Week Two challenges. Honestly, I haven't been taking these challenges seriously. But I have come to a realisation that if I want real results, I need to push myself outside my comfort zone. I am not as healthy as I would like to think. To get where I want to be I need to make a change. Today is my first real day of change.

For Week One, "make one small change", I chose to pack a nutritious lunchbox on weekdays. I usually don't pack enough healthy food and I am tempted by fatty fast-food options. Today in my lunchbox is a salad sandwich, two pieces of fruit and a homemade muffin.

Week Two, "halve your non-water drink intake", I instead chose to drink more water. Before the challenge I drank 1L per day. Today I have packed a 500ml water bottle and I am aiming to drink two litres by bedtime. Now that I think more about the original challenge of drinking less non-water fluids do I realise its importance. Sure, I don't drink soft drink often, and I don't drink coffee, but there are certainly changes I can make. So, starting today, I will drink one cup of tea each day, and one glass of alcohol once a week.

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